Developers: Understanding Aerospike Transactions

Neel Phadnis, Director - Developer Ecosystem Blog, Developer

How to implement transactional semantics in your Aerospike application. Certain situations have to be handled differently from traditional databases that you may be familiar with because of the single record scope of Aerospike transactions and certain cluster transitions.


Zero downtime upgrades in Aerospike made (even) simpler

Ken Tune, Solutions Architect Blog, Developer

Aerospike is a distributed key value database, designed to support high levels of throughput, with minimal latency, at scale. Aerospike is optimised for use with flash based storage enabling it to achieve world class performance with best in class density and cost.


History, Background and FAQs for DevOps Tools and Models

George Csaba, Director of Technical Product Marketing Blog, Business

While DevOps can make an organization more competitive, simply implementing it without doing the homework may result in less-than-desirable results. In order to make the most of what it has to offer, it’s important to understand all the DevOps facets.

How Real-Time, Data-Rich Applications Became Mainstream

John Dillon, Chief Executive Officer, Aerospike Blog

Today we announced that Aerospike took additional funding. This milestone is another important step forward in Aerospike’s long-term evolution — and certainly not a destination in itself.


Good Benchmarking Guidelines

George Csaba, Director of Technical Product Marketing Blog, Technology

As a vendor with customers and community who trust us and believe in us, we feel it is our duty to test the quality and performance of the software we deliver. As such, we test both speed and scale simultaneously, because we believe speed without scale is a dead end for successful applications, and scale without speed subjects users to unmitigated inflation in costs – server acquisition costs, operating costs, IT ops risks – and, worst of all, potential tech stack redesigns.

Aerospike Connect

Announcing Aerospike Connect for JMS

Ronen Botzer, Director of Product Blog, Technology

Aerospike is pleased to announce the availability of Aerospike Connect for JMS (Java Message Service), the newest member of the growing Aerospike Connect product portfolio.