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Marie-Anne Neimat
Marie-Anne Neimat Co-Founder, Oracle Times Ten

“The ubiquity of smart devices is heralding a new era of fast data where the value of applications lies in the ability to sense and respond to Internet-scale data in real time. However, it is also challenging databases to cost-effectively and reliably deliver speed at scale.”

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Don Haderle
Don Haderle Father of DB2

“The killer app is real-time information serving – serving information about what’s happening NOW. Businesses want to understand what consumers are doing and provide them services in the context of where they are and what they are doing NOW.”

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Roger Sippl
Roger Sippl Informix founder and Silicon Valley pioneer

“Databases designed around the limitations of the disk drive have served us well for the last few decades, but the emergence of Internet-scale Web applications requires a fundamentally different approach to database architecture.”

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Kittu Kolluri
Kittu Kolluri General Partner, NEA

“When a VC doubles down on an investment, one can assume two things: first, that the company’s execution is exceeding the investor’s expectations, and second, that the opportunity is now even bigger. Aerospike squarely fits the bill.”

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Gilman Louie
Gilman Louie Partner, Alsop Louie Partners

“Since we seeded Aerospike in 2011, we have watched the company mature while the market started to become visible to everyone. Managing data in real time enables the next generation of applications that sense and respond intelligently to what is happening.”

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Manish Goel
Manish Goel Senior Vice President and General Manager, HP Storage

“New IT demands decisioning solutions that offer speed, affordability, enterprise resiliency and scale without compromises. Aerospike excels at this design center with a fundamental database redesign and flash leverage.”

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Mohsen Moazami
Mohsen Moazami Founder & Managing Director, Columbus Nova Technology Partners

“While first-generation NoSQL and Hadoop tackled big data variety and volume, Aerospike delivered on velocity and will keep riding that wave with every advance in processor, storage and networking technology.”

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