Mohsen Moazami

Founder & Managing Director, Columbus Nova Technology Partners

While first-generation NoSQL and Hadoop tackled big data variety and volume, Aerospike delivered on velocity and will keep riding that wave with every advance in processor, storage and networking technology.

Mohsen Moazami is a Founder and Managing Director at Columbus Nova Technology Partners (CNTP), a novel global technology investment firm combining the best attributes of venture and private equity business models. Moazami’s representative current investments are Violin Memory, Kaazing, Tomfoolery and Bina Technologies. Moazami was an early investor in, acquired by Vistaprint, Powerset, acquired by Microsoft, ParAllyle, acquired by Affymetrix, Social Gaming Network, acquired by Mindjolt and more. Moazami currently serves on the Boards of Global Capacity, Kaazing & Think Big Analytics.

Previous to CNTP, Moazami was a member of the Cisco exec. staff from 2000 to 2011. Most recently he was on the Sr. leadership teams of the Emerging Markets and Globalization Centre in Bangalore, India responsible for Cisco’s strategy, operations and financial results across EM; the fastest growing theater generating in excess of $5 Bil in revenue in fiscal year 2011. Moazami also led Cisco’s Strategic Consulting across EM. Moazami and his team worked with senior government and business leaders to help drive digital broadband based country transformation, improve national competitiveness, and advance the lives of citizens.

Moazami is a member of the Investment Advisory Council of the Turkish Prime Minister and served as a member of the Strategy Council of the Global Alliance for ICT and the Development of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Before joining Cisco, Moazami was a managing partner at Kurt Salmon Associates (KSA), in charge of the global e-business practice. Prior to KSA, Moazami founded and oversaw the growth of Stanford Business Systems, a software and systems integration firm acquired by KSA. Moazami recently received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor for outstanding achievement and noteworthy U.S. citizenship. Moazami has a graduate degree from Stanford University. Moazami has been regularly featured on Bloomberg TV, CNBC, WSJ, FT, & World Economic Forum.

Mohsen Moazami