What it’s like to work at Aerospike?

Michael Diep

Why Aerospike? For me it’s simple….the people!

My job is unique in a sense that I really do work with every single team member. That old saying “work as a team” is overused but always underutilized. Not here, we have to work as a team. I have the best view in the house when it comes to working as a team. My role allows me to see how every team works within Aeropsike. You are always encouraged to speak your mind and share your ideas. Everyone matters here, and that is important.

From both the Founders, it has always been get the job done and get it done as a team. The culture has always been how can we make you better at your job? Both Founders have always been consistent when it comes to making you go hard at what you do best at work.

Aerospike wants you to also have some fun along the way. The management team allows time for family, and they care about you when you are off the clock. You are always encouraged to stay home with a sick family member, if you need a day off to rest, or just need some quiet time to work. Aerospike offers a home away from home, and provides you with the small things to keep you going at the office. We have team events, daily lunches, and plenty of laughs.

We have a family atmosphere at Aerospike. You know everyone, and you can call anyone if you ever needed anything. Everyone has their own personality and what makes them tick, and there are so many amazing people that work here. Talented at what they do, for sure! More importantly, people that you would call friends and spend time with outside the office.

Those are some of the reasons that make Aerospike what it is, a great place to work. I like coming to work knowing that if I work hard enough someone will notice and I am not just a number at the end of the day. My work matters, and the company will always recognize my work. Every employee feels that if they put in the work, the end result will be the same.