Vote now for SuperNova semi-finalist adMarketplace!

Here’s another place where you can make your vote count. The public voting for the SuperNova awards is now open, and we’re excited to report that one of the semi-finalists is Aerospike customer adMarketplace.

The judges have recognized adMarketplace for changing the way online advertising is bought and sold with its search syndication network, which allows for bidding by specific traffic source and keyword combination. By providing Web publishers with the means to reach users across the 40% of searches that occur outside a search engine results page, adMarketplace gives marketers an unprecedented opportunity to optimize results and increase sales.

Today the adMarketplace platform, which uses the Aerospike real-time NoSQL database, processes up to 200,000 transactions per second to bid on specific keywords and traffic sources and presents highly relevant offers to each user within milliseconds, while maintaining 100% uptime. The engine currently stores over 100 million unique user profiles and data on 10 million distinct traffic sources, each accessible within 1 ms in 99.99% of cases.