Mike Yudin, AdMarketplace CTO, Reshapes Search Results

adMarketplace and Aerospike

Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! play a significant role in analyzing consumers’ interests. However, a good 35% of search results occur outside of a search engine results page. At adMarketplace, we focus on empowering marketers and advertisers to mine the entire Internet for actionable business opportunities.

A few years ago, we also saw an opportunity to rethink the way advertising is bought and sold by going beyond one-dimensional searches. This led us to deliver the first and only search syndication network that allows for real-time bidding by specific traffic source and keyword combination.

Our approach embraces the concepts of granular data, customized control and delivery across different traffic sources, and charging for real results—i.e., if an advertiser’s goal is booking a cruise, then the billable evens is the consumer clicking on the cruise ad. For our customers, this translates into a highly cost-effective platform for reaching the right consumers with the right offer.

Of course, if a marketer’s offer doesn’t reach the consumer in time, all that analysis amounts to nothing. So the database used to support our adMarketplace platform is critical to our overall performance. Our choice is the Aerospike NoSQL database and key-value store.

Today, Aerospike works with in concert with our proprietary system and HP Vertica data warehouse. Together these systems enable us to look up a profile and user-targeting dimensions, make decisions based on the source, and reliably respond with an offer in milliseconds—even during peak demand times.

We were excited to see our approach to paid search recognized by the SuperNova Awards, which have identified us as a semifinalist in the Next-Generation Customer Experience category. You can read more about what we’ve done by checking out our profile on the SuperNova Award website.