eGloo on Morphogenetic Engineering at Internet Scale


eGloo is launching the first information exchange with true network-level intelligence, where anyone can buy, sell, search and take advantage of aggregated data on the open market.

In their blog post, eGloo CEO and co-founder George Cooper examines technologies eGloo is utilizing to develop self-programming and self-assembling information systems at Internet scale. The hunt for the right database was made particularly difficult due to their unique requirements.

“We have specific business requirements regarding responsiveness, auto-scaling, fault-tolerance and programmatic interfaces lending to morphogenetic programming. As such a fast and scalable NoSQL key-value store is an important component of a larger information storage and delivery solution.”

eGloo’s Objectives:

  • Internet scale key-value / NoSQL store
  • <=5ms performance (excluding network latency)
  • Linear scaling of QPS against deployed node count
  • XDR
  • Maximum economic efficiency per node
  • Persistence
  • Clustering
  • Automatic Sharding
  • Fault tolerance
  • Python Support
  • Low TCO

After an evaluation process that eliminated Memcached, Redis, and MongoDB, the team discovered Aerospike:

“We would be hard-pressed to identify any disadvantages. Aerospike is a fantastic product, well-supported, has many interfaces for various languages, a fair licensing model, minimal overhead in terms of hands-on management and their community outreach is phenomenal.

If, like us, you’re developing Internet scale platforms that depend on information storage and delivery with strict requirements for performance, scaling, reliability and loose coupling for self-programming/self-assembly, Aerospike is the best solution we’ve found.”

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