BlueKai achieves Speed at Scale, chooses Simplicity over Complexity

BlueKai Simplicity

As the world’s largest online data exchange, performance is key for BlueKai. Their Data Management Platform currently processes up to 10 trillion transactions every month with an average read/write time of 1-2 milliseconds. Serious numbers require serious speed, so when their Cassandra deployment wasn’t keeping up with demand, BlueKai started looking for a solution that could provide them with speed and scaling capabilities to support their application.

In this webinar, BlueKai VP of Data Delivery, Ted Wallace, explained how Aerospike’s core principle of simplicity led to successful scaling where others had failed:

“We ultimately found out that to do Cassandra you need people who are focused on keeping Cassandra alive and running. We didn’t want to invest in creating a team of ‘Cassandra whisperers’. We didn’t want to be experts at managing Cassandra. It was obvious to us that we needed something better. When we looked at Aerospike we talked to folks like Srini and Brian and we found out these are people who think like we think. They think about simplicity, they think about scale, and they think about performance.
“With Aerospike the key value look-up is perfect for us because ultimately we do a lot of complex logic in our application itself so we keep the interface into Aerospike very very simple. Simplicity scales in a way that complexity doesn’t…. In the case of Aerospike, when we need more capacity in our cluster, we get a machine ready, add it to the cluster and step away. It just works. That is very empowering and very rewarding when you don’t have to have somebody spend days creating a documented process, to get approvals, you don’t have to send notifications out to your customers because there is downtime because you have to do some massive database maintenance. It just works and then you move on. We’ve done that repeatedly over the course of the past 2.5 years and it’s always just worked. That’s been awesome.”

BlueKai’s sophisticated technology resulted in it being acquired by Oracle early this year, so we asked Ted what he considers the more important thing he does to lead a successful team:

“As a leader and a manager, the most important thing I do is I build the right team for the company, and I build the right team to get the job done. The most important thing for me to do when I come in every day is to make sure I’ve got the right leaders under me, that they’ve got the right leaders and engineers under them. Because with the right team, all the other things like availability and hitting your dates, and building great technology for your customers, all that falls into place.”

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