Tibor Szaboky Benchmark

Our benchmark comparison on ScyllaDB shows Aerospike’s clear performance advantages with 9x greater throughput, 13.5x lower read latency, 2x lower update latency and 3.6x greater insert throughput. What does this mean for your business?

Aerospike is predictably performant and more easily scalable than ScyllaDB at a 9x lower TCO.  

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About Author

Tibor Szaboky is a Senior Performance Engineer at Aerospike. He leverages his extensive system engineering and software development experience to provide detailed performance analysis of the Aerospike database for Marketing, Sales, and Engineering.  Before coming to Aerospike, he gained a reputation of excellence in developing and deploying small and large scale broadband systems at Broadcom, Sony, Liberate, and DirecTV.  He received his B. S. in Computer Science from Texas A&M University.   When he isn’t pushing the limits of databases, you may find him on the hiking trails in the Sierra Mountains.