Aerospike Marketing Benchmark

The patented Aerospike Hybrid Memory Architecture™ achieves strong consistency simultaneously with high performance and thus can be used at the core of any data architecture.

Jepsen Strong Consistency Validation of Aerospike Database

Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike Founder and CTO Benchmark

“In hundreds of tests of SC mode through network partitions, and higher versions have not shown any sign of nonlinearizable histories, lost increments to counters, or lost updates to sets.” – Kyle Kingsbury, Aerospike, 12-27-2017   We believe Jepsen has validated our core claims: within reasonable operational constraints, Aerospike does not lose data, …

Database Benchmark of Aerospike vs. Couchbase

Tibor Szaboky Benchmark

Executive Summary   In this benchmark report, we present the results of our comparative 12-hour benchmark of Aerospike Server Enterprise Edition 3.12.1 vs. Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition 4.5.1 using a 50/50 read/write workload typical of modern Internet applications.1 The benchmark uses the Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark (YCSB) and contains detailed guidelines to reproduce the results …

Aerospike Redefines "Fast" Thanks to Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike Founder and CTO Benchmark

  Three years ago, we spoke about achieving 2.5 M transactions per second (TPS) on the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 product family. Considered “stratospheric” at the time, this performance opened the door for applications as diverse as fraud detection, real-time ad bidding, and digital payment processing. Nowadays, in the age of digital transformation, that benchmark …

Amazon EC2 I3 Performance Results

Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike Founder and CTO Benchmark

Amazon Web Services has just released its “next-generation Storage Optimized High I/O instances”, named “Amazon EC2 I3” instances. The new instances have large amounts of NVMe (SSD, Flash) storage. Amazon claims that these instances “deliver up to 3.3 million random IOPS at 4KB block size and up to 16 GB/s of sequential disk throughput”. The …

Aerospike vs. ScyllaDB: An Initial Comparison

Tibor Szaboky Benchmark

Our benchmark comparison on ScyllaDB shows Aerospike’s clear performance advantages with 9x greater throughput, 13.5x lower read latency, 2x lower update latency and 3.6x greater insert throughput. What does this mean for your business? Aerospike is predictably performant and more easily scalable than ScyllaDB at a 9x lower TCO.   Download PDF

Redis Report, Reviewed: The Little NoSQL Benchmark in a Big Data World

Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike Founder and CTO Benchmark

As we announced in our Database Manifesto, Aerospike is committed to fair and honest benchmarks. To this end, Aerospike will publish its own benchmarks and attempt to duplicate results from benchmarks from other vendors and independent sources. In that way, Aerospike hopes to provide transparency and to separate science from marketing. This review focuses on …

Aerospike Shows Fivefold Cost Advantage over Cassandra at Higher Performance in DataStax’s Own Benchmark

Tibor Szaboky Benchmark

DataStax recently commissioned End Point, an independent firm, to conduct a series of performance tests to stress test Apache Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB and Couchbase. According to the firm’s benchmark test results, Cassandra outperformed the other three NoSQL databases. Aerospike was disappointed that we were not included in this evaluation. When End Point’s tests were published, …

Database Benchmarking for Speed at Scale: Review of “Speed with Ease”

Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike Founder and CTO Benchmark

  Aerospike recently published a manifesto regarding benchmarking in the NoSQL space. Although database benchmarks are notoriously slanted, NoSQL arguably must deliver both speed and scale – and although every benchmark can’t be perfect, anyone reading a benchmark should be aware of its shortcomings. Lynn Langit, independent Cloud Architect, Google Cloud Developer Expert, AWS Community …

It’s Official- Aerospike is 10x faster than Cassandra and MongoDB!

Cuneyt Buyukbezci, Aerospike VP of Marketing Benchmark

In an independent benchmark test of NoSQL databases conducted by Thumbtack Technology, Aerospike wiped out the competition, delivering nearly 10 times the throughput. The Thumbtack benchmark used Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark (YCSB) to simulate a high-throughput environment, typical of many consumer-facing website applications. The flash drive/SSD optimizations of Aerospike delivered an unprecedented speed advantage over other ...