Battle Tested


Aerospike was put into production in 2010 and has run non-stop since with 99.999% availability in some of the world’s most demanding, large scale deployments. Built from the ground up to push the limits of flash storage, processors and networks, Aerospike will continue to change how applications are architected and how solutions are created.

Our customers have experienced a level of unmatched uptime through Aerospike’s automatic rebalancing, rolling upgrades, fault-tolerance, background backups and restores, and cross data center replication — ensuring no degradation to performance and availability even under the most demanding environments.

For us 100% uptime is the top metric of success, and that’s what we’ve been able to achieve with the Aerospike real-time database.”

– Michael Yudin, CTO, AdMarketplace

CASE STUDY: How they Pioneered Search Syndication
AdMarketplace uses Aerospike

2.5 million impressions a second at peak, although we can go much higher, and we see north of 90 Billion impressions per day and this is a 24×7 business with 100% uptime with Aerospike.”

– Geir Magnusson, CTO of AppNexus

From a Small Startup to Billion Dollar Company

A lot of NoSQL database vendors promise to rebalance, but I have never seen another system that could do it without hitches, the way Aerospike does. Bottom line, the fault tolerance and automatic rebalancing with Aerospike are amazing.”

– Dag Liodden, Tapad co-founder and CEO

CASE STUDY: Predictable Sub-millisecond Performance
Tapad uses Aerospike