Aerospike Cloud Managed Services

Aerospike Cloud Managed Service

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The promise of the cloud is access to resources that enable agility in the face of a changing world. I can get the resources I need when I need them without massive upfront commitments.

NextGen Now Virtual Summit '20

Aerospike Virtual Summit ’20 – Training Agenda Set

Tom Meese, Director Global Client Services Blog

For this post, we’ll provide an overview of our technical training and workshops that you can take advantage of on the first day of the Aerospike Virtual Summit ’20, Tuesday, May 12.


Delivering Service Through the Lifecycle

Tom Meese, Director Global Client Services Blog

“Can I be honest with you?” often prefaces a seemingly important message to a customer at some point in their lifecycle. The person asking for this moment of truth is just trying to make room for an authentic interaction to impart some key piece of knowledge or information. They are really trying to say, “If …