Five Signs Your Cache-Based Database Architecture May Be Obsolete

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The digital economy comprises business moments, critical fractions of seconds when lightning-fast chain reactions take place that transform data into insights and turn opportunities into business values. As data has increased in both velocity and volume, the common practice to support this growth has been to add more cache.


Databases in organizations need vitamin and aspirin

Aerospike Marketing News, News Article

“Because of the digital transformation that organizations have been going through in recent years, their databases do not meet their tasks because they are too busy and too busy to operate, their maintenance is expensive and their performance, exploration and production are not fast enough and do not allow growth,” said John Dillon, CEO of Aerospike

Five Signs You’ve Outgrown Redis - Executive Summary

Five Signs You've Outgrown Redis – Executive Summary

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Many firms find Redis easy to use when their data volumes and workloads are modest, but that changes quickly as their needs grow. High ownership costs, poor performance at scale, and increased operational complexity with Redis can cause budget overruns, service-level agreement (SLA) violations, and delayed application rollouts. That’s when Aerospike can help.

Five Signs You Have Outgrown Redis

Five Signs You Have Outgrown Redis White Paper

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t’s an all-too familiar situation: at first, Redis users find the system easy to deploy and use. But then their workloads grow and their data volumes increase, and things start to change quickly. That’s when many organizations discover that the ownership costs, scalability, and operational complexity of Redis to be much worse than they’d ever imagined.

Aerospike® to Showcase Next-Generation Hyperscale Data Solutions at HPE Discover 2019

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Aerospike Eliminates Long-standing Database Tradeoffs of Speed or Scalability for Modern Cloud, IoT, and AI Applications LAS VEGAS, NEV. – June 17, 2019 – Aerospike Inc., the global leader in next-generation, hyperscale data solutions, today announced it will showcase its solutions at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) [NYSE: HPE] Discover 2019 from June 18-20 in Las …