The Real-Time Innovation Dividend

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Time is compressing. The attention span of individuals and organizations is becoming ever shorter. There are only brief windows that can be devoted to any given transaction.

Enterprise Management 360

Aerospike: Real-Time Data Races to the Cloud

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Predictions indicate that within three years, 75% of all databases will be in the cloud. As this becomes the new norm, companies worldwide are racing to get in on the cloud-based action. However, the need to be in the cloud is manifesting as an aggressive endeavour for many organisations. As well as this, real-time data has also risen to the surface as a necessity. These factors are certain to affect every industry.


Intel Ethernet 800 Series To Support NVMe over TCP, PCIe 4.0

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Today at the SNIA Storage Developer Conference, Intel is sharing more information about their 100Gb Ethernet chips, first announced in April and due to hit the market next month. The upcoming 800 Series Ethernet controllers and adapters will be Intel’s first 100Gb Ethernet solutions, and also feature expanded capabilities for hardware accelerated packet processing.

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Financial Services Companies Becoming Data-Rich And Knowledge-Poor

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In our “3 Questions” column, we chat with a thought leader within a unique sector of fintech and ask them to answer just three questions for our audience in their vernacular. This week, we’d like to introduce you to John Dillion, CEO of Aerospike, a leader in next-generation, hyperscale data solutions.