There are lots of choices when it comes to high scale database management. This is the one that works.

Aerospike is a fast Key Value Store and the only real-time NoSQL (schema-free) database that combines best practices in traditional database technologies (ACID, immediate consistency) and distributed systems (shared nothing, transparent scaling) to predictably process high velocity transactions for mission critical, revenue-generating apps.

Three things are critical: speed, scale and uninterrupted operations. Only Aerospike offers all three.

Aerospike ultra-fast NoSQL database


99% of reads and writes are completed in 3-5ms. Our flash-optimized architecture is ideal for low latency applications that process balanced reads/writes in sub-milliseconds.

Aerospike is high-scale


Billions of objects, terabytes of data, 500K+ TPS per node. Each node runs on commodity hardware. A shared-nothing architecture lets you increase capacity by simply adding nodes – scaling out  transparently and almost linearly to process billions of objects, terabytes of data, and hundreds of thousands of transactions per second.

Aerospike never fails with automatic failover

Never fails

Outages simply aren’t an option. With immediate consistency, automatic fail-over, replication, and cross-data-center synchronization, the Aerospike distributed database stores data reliably – with no interruptions whatsoever.

The majority of our customers try other solutions first. But eventually, they all come to us. Why? Because our technology just works.

With personal experience developing and operating mission-critical apps, Aerospike founders designed and developed software to meet the requirements of the most demanding production environments. But they didn’t stop there. To ensure exceptional support around the clock, they established top notch teams in both Silicon Valley and Bangalore.

Aerospike delivers 10x better Total Cost of Operations (TCO) than other NoSQL solutions. Our flash-optimized architecture dramatically reduces the number of servers required and Aerospike’s self-managing clusters free up operations staff.

If your business depends on:

  1. predictable performance
  2. transparent scaling
  3. uninterrupted operations

there’s only one choice. That’s Aerospike.

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