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We currently offer two products, Aerospike Community Edition and Aerospike Enterprise Edition which includes many additional features, access to tested and certified builds, hot patches and 24×7 Enterprise Support.

Open Source Community Edition
Enterprise Edition
Aerospike Database software Yes Yes
Cross Data Center Replication (XDR) and Fast Restarts N/A Yes
Aerospike Management Console (AMC) Basic Monitoring Advanced Management
Binaries Available Tested and Certified
Community Support Community Community
Enterprise Support N/A * Yes
Hot Patches N/A Yes
Client License Apache v2 Apache v2
Server License AGPL Commercial
Number of Servers in Production Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Servers in Development Unlimited Unlimited
Transactions or Queries per Second Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Data Replicas Unlimited Unlimited
Subscriptions Free Licensed by (1) volume of unique data managed and (2) uplift for multiple active-active production clusters
Security N/A Yes

*Aerospike Customers should select the appropriate edition – Community Edition (CE) or Enterprise Edition (EE) – for their needs. When it’s time to upgrade or migrate, Aerospike will be there to help.

Community Edition

Aerospike has open sourced its revolutionary in-memory NoSQL database and key-value store technology. Because Aerospike is flash-optimized with a hybrid RAM/SSD storage architecture, you can get 10x better performance while using 10x fewer servers. The Aerospike Community Edition is free and new builds are periodically made available.

The Aerospike client code is available in GitHub under the Apache 2 license. This license gives you complete flexibility to use and modify the code with no restrictions whatsoever. The Aerospike server code is available in GitHub under the Free Software Foundation’s GNU AGPL v3.0 (AGPL) to protect the long-term interests of the community. This license lets you use the code freely, but requires modifications to the server code to be contributed back to the community.

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Enterprise Edition

The Aerospike Enterprise Edition comes with access to tested and certified binaries, hot patches, deployment planning, performance health checks and tune-ups to ensure non-stop operations. Enterprise customers can always take advantage of Community Support, but they also get 24x7x365 production support and access to Aerospike experts via the Customer Support Portal . In addition, the Enterprise Edition comes with Aerospike Cross Data Center Replication™ (XDR, which manages replication asynchronously across clusters in different data centers.

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