Scalability Partners

Aerospike is intended for use in environments with unprecedented scale. As a result, we have partnered with a number of companies with associated technologies that also enable scalable solutions. We test to make sure that Aerospike can operate with the products from these partners. In some cases we have documented specific settings that are optimal with the use of those products.

Best practices from our Scalability Partners:

Dell - Aerospike Partner
Dell Inc. listens to customers and delivers innovative technology and services that give them the power to do more. Dell Services develops and delivers a comprehensive suite of services and solutions in applications, business process, consulting, infrastructure and support to help customers succeed. Aerospike is a member of the Dell Founders Club.

NSONE - Aerospike Partner
NSONE is a high performance DNS service that provides companies with unparalleled control over where their end users are routed. By combining real-time monitoring data with powerful, but easy to use Filter Chain technology, NSONE offers highly customizable turn-key routing setups for advanced GSLB and Disaster Recovery. NSONE’s enterprise-grade solution is the first service of its kind to offer industry leading 24/7 support coupled with transparent, cost-effective pricing.

PSSC Labs - Aerospike Partner
PSSC Labs is not just another computer company. Each system is purpose built to provide the absolute highest performance and lowest total cost of ownership. Special attention is paid to benchmark metrics, system density and power usage. Their Big Data line of servers consume 50% less rack space and consume 40% less power than the competition. These revolutionary server platforms are designed, engineered manufactured and supported right here in California. PSSC Labs is the “American Supercomputer” company.