Internap Bare-metal Servers Pre-configured with Aerospike

Internap’s bare-metal servers combine the reliability and performance of dedicated (single-tenant) servers with the convenience and agility of virtualized, multi-tenant public cloud offerings.

Read the Internap Case Study on how eXelate accelerated its global data delivery and real-time application deployment on Internap’s bare-metal servers and Aerospike NoSQL database.

Bare-metal servers can support data-intensive applications better than virtualized alternatives by delivering faster processing, RAM and disk access and improved throughput. Because Aerospike works best with physical servers, we’ve partnered with Internap to offer qualified customers a free trial of Internap’s bare-metal servers for a two-node installation of Aerospike.

Internap Partners with Aerospike

Now Available – FREE Trial of Internap Bare-metal Servers

Included in the free two-week (336 hours) trial of Internap bare-metal servers for a hybrid/in-memory deployment of Aerospike, are two servers with fully dedicated CPU, RAM and solid-state drives (SSDs) as well as a client machine that can run the application and database client software.

Each of the Internap servers for the two-node Aerospike cluster is equipped with two 2 x Hex (12) Core CPU, 64GB RAM, 2 x 240GB SSD and 1 x 1TB SATA HDD.

Data is stored on SSD and the 1 TB SATA drive stores the operating system. These servers come pre-configured with Aerospike 3 Community Edition and should be able to support approximately:

  • 125 million records at 1.5 K bytes/object
  • 48k transactions per second

In addition to the servers for the Aerospike cluster, a smaller client machine is provided for Aerospike’s Java client SDK and an accompanying benchmark tool that can be used to test the database performance.

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