Systems Integrator Partners

Aerospike also has ongoing relationships with a variety of different System Integrators. These companies have a deep understanding of not only the individual technologies (SQL, NoSQL, Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Pig, etc), but how they interrelate. Aerospike trains the staff in these companies to make sure their technical staff know how to properly develop new applications using Aerospike to its fullest potential.

Aerospike System Integrator partners are specialists that understand not only the individual technology but have expertise in their specific area. This domain specific expertise allows them to build complete solutions using a new generation of technology.

Case studies and best practices from our Systems Integrator Partners:

Think Big Analytics- Aerospike Partnership
Aerospike is the “Scale-Out DB” in the Think Big Analytics’ reference architecture. Think Big Analytics is a leading solutions provider for Hadoop and related big data technologies. Think Big Analytics works with customers to understand data processing challenges and assess how new analytics techniques and technologies fit. Think Big Analytics engages with innovative companies to create groundbreaking solutions. It consists of a growing team of thought leaders and experts in Hadoop, NoSQL databases, and related big data technologies.

Thumbtack Technology- Aerospike Partnership
Thumbtack Technology found Aerospike significantly faster than Couchbase and Cassandra in this YCSB benchmark. Thumbtack Technology is a full service application development partner specializing in highly scalable and cloud-based solutions. We provide strategic advice, technical architecture, software development, as well as quality assurance and deployment support to companies in Media, Publishing, and Financial Services. With a core competency in NoSQL, Thumbtack has expertise in designing and implementing distributed applications that handle high transaction volumes in fault-tolerant and performant ways.

CleverLeaf Technology- Aerospike Partnership
CleverLeaf Technology develops cutting-edge data analytics solutions for banking and online advertising companies. Headquartered in London, the company works and grows internationally. The core team is comprised of high-level international experts specializing in BigData solutions, NoSQL, Cloud Computing, Benchmarking and development of Highly Loaded Applications. The development team is split between Russia and Belarus. Read their case study on the use of Hadoop, Storm and Aerospike products to deliver a desired solution to Tinkoff Digital.CleverLeaf Technology helped develop a DMP using Aerospike.

Crestpointe- Aerospike Partnership
Crestpointe™ is a leading analytics company with a specific focus on live data. They help companies monitor and analyze data as it happens and transform it into a strategic asset and leverage it to actively derive insight and drive improved performance and growth.