Hot on the heels of our recent Aerospike 3 announcement, Aerospike has been getting some positive attention from the press.

Kyt Dotson of SiliconANGLE interviewed Aerospike co-founder and vice president of engineering Srini Srinivasan to get a clear picture of how Aerospike 3 will affect customers’ development and operations.

Here is what he had to say:

“Every part of an application must be finely tuned to run at hyper-scale. It is the combination of complex data types, large data types, queries and UDFs–in a fast, scalable and reliable database that is very powerful,” he said when I asked about how developers would make use of the new features–especially user defined functions (UDF) and specialized data types. This is especially important for the developer side of hyper-scale engineering where some developers may have come up with their own solutions.

“The ability to represent any data structure, push any logic to the database, run that logic on one or more records, as well as process a subset of records in parallel through a pipeline of UDFs gives developers extreme power and flexibility. Developers will want to use Aerospike’s new features because they can speed up development and benefit from optimizations like reducing network bandwidth by pushing processing close to the data and taking advantage of the distributed parallel processing power of the cluster that can scale linearly with additional nodes. Therefore, we do not expect developers to roll their own data types externally.”

Read the full article to find out how Aerospike 3 will give developers of hyper-scale applications the power to adapt the database to fit their applications, rather than be held back by database limitations.

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