Aerospike is 10x Faster than What You’re Using Now

This article in the SiliconANGLE, featured the results of the benchmark study conducted by Thumbtack Technology and proves that Aerospike is 10 times more powerful than the leading alternatives on the market today.

Aerospike was pitted against Apache Cassandra and MongoDB; Couchbase Server was also supposed to be on the list, but Thumbtack apparently encountered technical difficulties that made it impossible to evaluate the system in the testing environment.

In the read-heavy benchmark Aerospike reached a maximum throughput of 300,000 operations per second, roughly 10x the performance of its nearest competitor, Cassandra. When it came to processing a balanced workload, Aerospike’s software crunched its way through the data five times faster than Cassandra.

Adding insult to injury, Aerospike maintained far lower latency than the two rivaling databases: Thumbtack reported a consistent sub-millisecond delay that didn’t increase significantly even while processing as much as 400,000 operations per second. In comparison, latency for Cassandra measured between sub-millisecond levels and 8 milliseconds, while 10gen’s MongoDB varied from 1 to 20 milliseconds.

The big game changer is flash. Most NoSQL DBs are not optimized to run on SSDs, but Aerospike takes full advantage of it.

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