Free Community Edition

This free Aerospike Community Edition includes the Aerospike Server software and Aerospike SDKs for up to a 2-node, single cluster configuration with up to 200 GB of data.

Choose one of the three ways to deploy Aerospike:


On your own servers (bare metal or VM).



On Internap – bare-metal cloud. 2 Week FREE Trial includes 2 AGILEServers and a client machine pre-loaded with Aerospike.

Download Aerospike on Internap


On Amazon EC2 – using Aerospike’s AMIs (Amazon Machine Images).


Download Aerospike on AMI

Install Aerospike in 3 Easy Steps On Your Own Servers:

Step 1: Download the Aerospike Database ServerDownload the Aerospike Database Server 3.2.3 Release Notes

CentOS 6 and Enterprise Linux 6 Debian 6 Debian 7 Unbuntu 12.04
Step 2: Set Up your DatabaseSet Up your Database

After the download completes, provision your hardware and install your server.

Step 3: Build your ApplicationsBuild your Applications

Once the Aerospike server is installed and running, develop your applications with Aerospike’s Client SDKs.

*** If using the earlier version (Aerospike v2), you can click here for the downloads and access the documentation here.
The Aerospike Management Console (AMC)

Aerospike Management Demo

Aerospike Management Console (AMC)is a tool that can help you manage your server. AMC is installed separately from the Aerospike Server.

Learn more and download AMC

Aerospike Installation Videos

This 3 part series covers three functions for Installing Aerospike 3- choosing the correct edition for your needs, tuning your system before installation and installation/testing of Aerospike.

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