Hadoop Turns 10, Big Data Industry Rolls Along

Apache Hadoop, the open source project that arguably sparked the Big Data craze, turned 10 years old this week. The project’s founder, Cloudera’s Doug Cutting, waxed nostalgic as vendors in the space churned out new releases of their own.

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Flash-oriented Aerospike Now Supports GeoJSON

Before co-founding Aerospike, Brian Bulkowski worked for an advertising behavioral analytics company and saw that almost half the employees were there to maintain MySQL. Thinking there had to be a better way — and seeing the rise of flash storage —…

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Aerospike Extends NoSQL Reach to Geospatial Data

When it comes to transaction processing, relational databases still rule the enterprise roost. But it’s also clear that a number of NoSQL databases are starting to lay claim to these operations. One of those challengers is Aerospike …

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Aerospike delivers speed to explore new frontiers | #BigDataNYC

SiliconANGLE talks with Aerospike’s VP of Strategy on how Aerospike caters to ad tech, financial services and telecom clients. They also discuss Aerospike’s recent announcement at Strata+Hadoop World, release of version 3.6 of its NoSQL operational database, which offers enhanced…

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Solve VoLTE-related policy and charging issues

Service providers should take a closer look at what’s “under the hood” to better understand the benefits and limitations of underlying enabling technologies. For example, the Alcatel-Lucent Agile Rules Technology, which incorporates over 150 patents, helps to overcome the limitations…

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