Author: Monica Pal, Aerospike CMO

These days, the database market is as packed as a store on Black Friday. At last count, there are some 165 different databases, including relational, in-memory, and NoSQL. And trying to sort through that list is no holiday.

That’s why we pulled together 12 Data Points for December on the Aerospike NoSQL database. It highlights why growing numbers of companies across retail, banking, advertising, marketing, gaming and telecom — are putting Aerospike on their database short list for 2014.

Here goes…

  1. Powers 4 of the first 15 Facebook Exchange qualified companies including AppNexus, BlueKai, Chango, and [x+1].
  2. Enables AppNexus to handle 50 billion ad + 300 billion real-time bidding requests per day for the Microsoft Advertising Exchange, Interactive Media (Deutsche Telekom), and Collective plus 6 billion mobile ads per day for the Millennial Media Exchange, at significantly more than 1 million transactions per second.
  3. Powers Tapad, a leader in cross-platform marketing technology.
  4. Used by eBay, the world’s largest online marketplace.
  5. Empowers eXelate to handle 60+ billion real-time data transactions monthly for 200+ publishers and marketers worldwide, in 4 cloud-based data centers, maintaining 100% uptime — even through Hurricane Sandy.
  6. Enables real-time omni-channel marketing at [x+1], a leader in data management platforms serving Fortune 500 companies in financial services, insurance, automotive, retail, telecommunications and travel.
  7. Huge hardware cuts = huge savings. One customer runs Aerospike on 18 servers at an operational cost of $236,000 versus using another database that would have required 186 servers for a whopping $2.5 million in operations costs.
  8. ACID compliance with the Aerospike database means companies don’t have to choose between enterprise-class reliability and the flexibility of NoSQL for handling both structured and unstructured data.
  9. YCSB benchmarks Aerospike throughput at 10x over MongoDB, Couchbase, and Cassandra.
  10. Delivers the industry’s first “fast big data platform,” combining Internap’s “bare metal cloud” with the Aerospike database. eXelate is a mutual customer.
  11. Attracted Joe Gottlieb as new CEO (previously with McAfee, Nokia, Sensage, KEYW), plus database industry veterans Don Haderle, Roger Sippl, and Marie-Anne Neimat as company advisors.
  12. Best music video by a database company we’ve seen to date.

We hope you enjoyed reading this year-end wrap-up as much as we all enjoyed pulling it together.

Happy Holidays from Aerospike!

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