Analyst Reports

451 Group on Aerospike 3 Database
The 451 Research Impact Report
This report highlights how Aerospike is building on its success in marketing and adtech to target broader NoSQL adoption. It states, “The company’s success in marketing and ad tech should put it in a good position to expand into these sectors [travel, financial services and retail] – while the financial services sector clearly has already adopted technologies to deal with existing high-performance, low-latency workloads, Aerospike sees the financial services industry looking towards ad tech for clues as to how approach the next generation of applications.” Read the Report

451 Group on Aerospike 3 Database
451 Research
Matt Aslett, research manager, data management and analytics, on Aerospike – “Aerospike has established itself as one of the primary suppliers of NoSQL databases to the advertising sector thanks to its high-performance, flash-optimized distributed database technology. With the addition of capabilities such as large data types, secondary indexes and UDFs in version 3, the company is well-placed to repeat that success in other markets as a platform for interactive Web applications.” Read the Report

451 Research Group on Aerospike
451 Research
Matt Aslett reviews how Aerospike’s move to open source and announcement of $20 million in Series C funding will affect its prospects in the NoSQL database market. The report includes an overview of the competitive landscape and Aerospike’s new SWOT Analysis. The report states, “We do see the potential for growth in adoption of Aerospike outside of marketing and ad tech driven by a greater focus on high-performance, low-latency interactive applications, and by open-sourcing the code the company has removed a potential barrier to greater adoption.” Read the Report

Wikibon Reports
Wikibon – Follow the Money: Big Data ROI and Inline Analytics
After finding that the average ROI on big data projects was 55¢ for each $1 spent, analyst firm Wikibon interviewed companies with proven big data-driven success to discover their secret sauce: inline analytics. To demonstrate how inline analytics can lead to positive ROIs, Wikibon profiled Aerospike customer eXelate’s way of achieving high performance and high availability. Read the Report

Gartner MQ
Gartner Magic Quadrant recognizes Aerospike as a Visionary for the second year in a row in the Operational Database Management Systems (ODBMS) 2014 Report.
The new report from Gartner examines the ODBMS market’s continued growth, the key information management capabilities for transaction processing, and highlights innovative products and features being delivered by both new and traditional vendors. This report acknowledges that “Another major focus for vendors in this market is support for in­-memory computing. Most vendors are beginning to add this functionality to their DBMSs, some with an in-­memory ­only model. Due to its inherent speed, in-­memory computing is becoming necessary for the processing of interaction and observation data integrated into transactions. Most of the traditional vendors have introduced an in­-memory DBMS, generally in support of analytics.” Read the Report

Bloor Research Report
Bloor Research
Phillip Howard, Information Management Research Director, Bloor Research on Aerospike “I must say that I am impressed with Aerospike. There are hundreds (literally) of NoSQL vendors out in the market and I don’t have the time or inclination to speak to all of them. But I had heard good things about Aerospike from a couple of sources and decided to organize a briefing with them: I’m glad I did.” Read the Blog

DBMS 2 Reports
Curt Monash, president of Monash Research and editor of DBMS 2 on Aerospike – In Curt’s DBMS2 report, he notes that, “Aerospike’s success in selling to the digital advertising market, which is probably second only to high-frequency trading in its low-latency demands.” Read the Report

GigaOM Pro
Dan McCreary, NoSQL evangelist, Dan McCreary & Associates, and GigaOM Pro analyst on Aerospike – “Aerospike has clearly joined the leaders in the NoSQL community with a product finely tuned to get the most out of modern solid-state drives. We think they should be on the short list for any organizations that are evaluating databases that need a combination of performance, scalability and availability.”

Wikibon Reports
“Aerospike’s unique flash-first flash-optimized architecture is the foundation behind the performance, reliability and recoverability of applications using Aerospike 3. This architecture will allow Aerospike applications access to much greater database sizes compared with DRAM-based architectures.” Read the following Wikibon Research reports: The rise of Data-In-Memory topologies and the role of NAND Flash Comparing Data-In-DRAM to the Benefits of Data-in-Flash Flash and Hyperscale Changing Database and System Design Forever